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Health Services

Clinical Microscopy

Pathology & Laboratory

Equipped with the most innovative tools and instrumentations that technology has to offer in order to derive the most accurate results.

Radiology & Imaging

The very latest that technology has to offer in medical imaging within the complex, totally eliminates the hassle of procuring from third-party diagnostics services, without compromising the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment modality.

Medical & Surgical

Surgical teams are led by experts in the various medical specialties and subspecialities, supported by staff trained and certified in specialized and auxiliary healthcare.

Emergency Services

Urgent and efficient medical care and assistance is available 24/7, manned by professionals who equipped in handling a multitude of medical emergencies.

Intensive Care

Specialized and extensive care are delivered through comprehensive monitoring by utilizing the very latest in advanced life support system.

Health Rehabilitation

Recovery from neurological, musculoskeletal and other traumatic conditions is at hand with devoted and compassionate therapists who are trained and certified in this set of intervention for advanced healing and recovery.


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